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8-year-old girl survives rabies infection 2-4-2012 (February 7, 2012)
The CDC on Thursday reported that an 8-year-old girl survived a rabies infection contracted from contact with feral cats. The girl spent 52 days in the hospital, during which time her brain activity was depressed to allow her immune system to fight the disease. Only three people are known to have survived a rabies infection, and the CDC points out that pet vaccination and avoiding unfamiliar animals are essential for prevention
Note: January 30,2012-A man died from rabies contracted from a bat bite
Release from the Board of Animal Health 7-9-11
FOUR BATS in Indiana have tested positive for rabies in 2011 (July 11, 2011)

The positive bats have been located in Posey, St. Joseph, Marion, and Elkhart counties.  One of the pets exposed was not current on its rabies vaccine, and now the owners are required to quarantine their dog for six months.  The state of Indiana still requires all dogs, cats and ferrets three months of age and older to be vaccinated against rabies by a licensed and accredited veterinarian.
Rabies Scare in Pennsylvania
Submitted by Ria Patel on Mon,

There was an incident of a fight of a dog and a raccoon in Pennsylvania on the Montour trail. The health authorities are of the view that the dog should be checked for rabies as it might be at risk because the raccoon, which is now dead, was found to be positive for rabies.
The raccoon was killed by a state wildlife officer. The authorities are of the view that the dog, a black Labrador retriever, should be checked for the disease as they were not sure whether or not it had vaccination against the disease. (Note: the only way to "check" for rabies is to have the head of the animal submitted to a laboratory and the brain material examined by that lab-Dr. Waltz )
The residents of the area have been told to steer clear from stray animals in the vicinity, as they have a high rate of rabies. Meanwhile, the owners of the dog have been urged to get the dog checked and treated as soon as possible so that the risk could be eliminated.(Note: the fact that this poor Lab tangled with a confirmed rabies positive raccoon is very bad, if the Lab was not current on his rabies vaccinations. The owners would then be in the unhappy position of having to confine their dog for 6 months while they watch and wait to see if their dog becomes rabid, or, euthanizing him. Vaccinating a pet after a bite from a rabid animal does not necessarily prevent the development of rabies and confinement/observation for 6 months is still needed-Dr. Waltz)
“Spring is the time when owners can help prevent encounters with increasingly active wildlife and stray animals”, county Health Director Bruce Dixon said.
“Avoid contact with them and call 911 or the local animal control service. Raccoons have the highest incidence of wildlife rabies in the state (i.e.Pennsylvania, but still possible in Indiana. However, recently most reported positive cases of rabies in Indiana have been in bats. In Kentucky, in 2010, there were 20 cases of rabies positive bats, skunks and raccoons-Dr. Waltz) It is very important to have your dogs and cats vaccinated for rabies to prevent this disease”, he added further. Amen! The only safe and smart thing to do!
Rabid Beaver Attacks 3 visitors to Philadelphia park (June 8, 2011)
Read the article link below for the details. Another reason to keep your pets current on their rabies vaccinations!!
Rabies on the rise in Colorado - (April 25, 2011)
Rabies is on the rise in parts of Colorado and health officials think the worst is yet to come. So far, eight animals have tested positive--mostly skunks--and concern is mounting as they move into residential neighborhoods.  Read More ...
Rabies, the Law and Cats - (March 14, 2011)
Most people are great about keeping their dog's vaccines current, but tend to forget about their cats. The CDC just released that there have been 21 bats test POSITIVE for Rabies this year, already!! Even if you cat is indoors only (bats like to come in too) they need to be vaccinated!! Not only for health reasons, but because it is the law!

Kitten develops rabies; family and pet dog exposed (May 20, 2013)

A 6-week-old household kitten in North Carolina tested positive for rabies after developing severe neurological symptoms. Veterinarian Margurette Straley suspected rabies after the animal hadn't eaten for three days and exhibited neurological problems including exaggerated coordination deficits, growling and hissing. "Once an animal reaches this stage, they are no longer in control and will randomly bite and scratch anything nearby," Dr. Straley said. The kitten was euthanized. Its owners are undergoing post-exposure prophylaxis, and their dog has been placed under quarantine.

Read More ...
5-month-old baby repeatedly bitten by rabid skunk (MN)  (07/29/2013)

First domestic dog tests positive for rabies in Vt. in 2 decades (11/02/2013)
Scarlet, a puppy adopted from a New York shelter at 9 weeks of age, became ill, was euthanized and later tested positive for rabies, marking the first case of rabies in a domestic animal in Vermont in nearly two decades. The puppy was tested for rabies because she bit her owner the day before she was euthanized. Fifteen people who had contact with Scarlet are undergoing rabies prophylaxis injections

Rabid bats prompt warnings for Grand Canyon tourists (07/28/2014)
Grand Canyon National Park officials are asking anyone who has had contact with bats in the park to seek medical evaluation. Two bats in the park tested positive for rabies recently. One was found dead, but the other bat was observed crawling on an unidentified woman for at least 10 minutes while a crowd gathered. Read More ...
Denver Zoo employee corrals rabid bat (08/12/2014)

A Denver Zoo employee captured a bat in the primate area that was behaving erratically, and the bat subsequently tested positive for rabies. Zoo officials believe no other people were exposed to the bat, but they urge all visitors to the zoo that day to seek medical attention if they were exposed to or handled a bat during their visit. Zoo animals are vaccinated for rabies, so they are likely not infected  Read more ...
13 Colo. children exposed to rabid bat (09/04/2014)

Thirteen children were exposed to rabies when they encountered and possibly handled a sick bat being kept in a bucket by one of the children. The animal later tested positive for rabies, and nine of those exposed have received rabies prophylaxis. Local health authorities are asking the other children and anyone else who may have come into contact with the bat to notify them. KRDO-TV (Colorado Springs, Colo.) (9/2)
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